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Let The Writing Frenzy Begin!

It’s been 3 years since I did National Novel Writing Month (affectionately referred to as NaNoWriMo — gotta love acronyms), but I didn’t actually get through the entire month to reach the 50,000 novel length. If I remember correctly, I made it about halfway. Not bad considering I’d never done something so intensive before. Still, it was amazing to write with that level of regularity; every day, hunched over my laptop trying to get my story moving gave me a huge rush that perhaps I did have what it took to create a full-length novel.

So, here I am again… older and presumably wiser. Presumably. I’ve come to the conclusion that preparation and support during November are incredibly key. Many of us have regular day jobs, so what writing we do has to be done before/after hours, on tablets/smartphones while traveling to and from work… and on weekends. Yeah. For my region in New York City, they do write-in events which I fully intend to participate in this time around. I know for sure I’ll be at the November 1st write-in at Whole Foods Tribeca and several of the Brooklyn write-in events, depending on their location.

My plan is always as follows:

  1. Ask myself: “Self, what the heck are you gonna write?”
  2. Create the outline for the story, chapter by chapter
  3. Plan out exactly when I will be writing (set the time in the calendar)
  4. Eat well and healthy (because writing for 4 hours without drinking water, eating a snack or not peeing is never a good thing)
  5. Exercise! (Like my trainer would actually let me off the hook.. smh)

This needs to happen, folks. This novel is BEGGING to be written. Want to follow my writing on the National Novel Writing Month site? Check it out:


So, to those of you taking part in NaNoWriMo this time around, GOOD LUCK!! We’re gonna need it! Embrace the insanity!