About Me

Who runs this joint?

That would be me! My name is Christine Joseph, but I also go by the name Mika Matusmoto – my nom de plume. Mika Matsumoto is the persona I have embodied for many many years now. In fact, if you were to Google my real name, there isn’t much on me (there’s some professor at the University of Michigan and a classically-trained pianist that show up in the search). Google “Mika Matsumoto” and you get quite a few hits. The name is relatively generic, but it originates from a mini-variety show series I wrote about Japanese pop music. Cute series, but it didn’t work out. I kept the name and ever since, I have lived life online as Mika.

However, with all the pervasive changes in online life these days, it’s becoming increasingly important to stake my claim on what is really mine. Me. Christine M. Joseph.

I’m a really simple chick. Born & raised in New York City, I’ve got a passion for new experiences: that’s the Sagittarian way! Build knowledge, experience the world, expand your horizons — that’s my motto.

What is this site about?

I started my original online journal about back in 1999 (in another incarnation) to chronicle the things that take place in my life. It’s been mostly for my friends and family to find out what the latest is with me without really having to do too much. It has since expanded to encompass many of my interests and current goings-on.

I’ve been an avid student of Japanese for many years and I foresee that is something that won’t be changing anytime soon. I love Japan, its rich culture and history; just the sheer pleasure of being there gives me joy. My blog has material going back MANY years and reflects lots of thoughts on topics from finance and politics to the latest goings-on in New York City.

You’ll find a link to my writing site here as well. I have so many stories and write about so much that I had to put it onto another site just for my pen-name.

Frankly, this site is meant to help me market myself and the many different things I can do. I’m certain you all will see that! 🙂

I’m always online in some capacity:

Twitter: @chmijo
Tumblr: chmijo.tumblr.com

What am I into?

I’m a huge Japanese music fan, from rap to pop. Music has always been a large part of my life from the time I was a child. I played the piano and sang in choirs for years, so I have a huge appreciation for music. Also, I’ve been writing for a long time and have lots of short stories (go to my writing site at mikamatsumoto.com to see more).