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Life’s Choices

Do you ever wonder if you made a different choice in your life, how different life would be?Maybe it was that opportunity for moving across country or perhaps leaving a relationship earlier and meeting that special someone. Can you call that regret or a missed opportunity? It may be a little of both. I’ve thought to myself, “What if I had gone to college in Louisiana like I originally wanted to?”. Back then, I wanted to go to the pre-med program at Tulane University and lobbied pretty hard to go, but my mom didn’t want me disappearing to another part of the country at the tender age of 16. Guaranteed, life would have been extremely different; I would have been a very different person.

But, when it comes to the left-right fork of decision-making in one’s life choices, it’s hard to think of things in such black and white terms. We are faced with choices each and every single moment, from what stop we get off on the train to whether we go to one store vs another. To quantify the number of possibilities that we face each day is an exercise in futility.

Fact is, we make the choice… and we live with it. We don’t think twice about it. We may not understand the long-term ramifications of that choice at the time, but it may well come to mold us into the persons we will eventually become.

As the song goes, “Regrets, I’ve had a few…”. Sure, when you think back on things, you inevitably ask yourself if you could have done things differently. But it’s better to live today, in this moment, instead of mulling over what “could have been”. That is a possibility lost, passed and gone; you can’t get it back.

The better question to ask is, “What can I do today so that I can have a better tomorrow?”

That’s all that really matters. Tomorrow is a possibility you can control much more readily than you can the past. Our past is truly sand through our fingertips, or better yet, the flow of air around us: you feel it, but you can’t touch it, grasp it.

I choose to look forward, not backward… make decisions and choices that will create a better me and a better future.