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Progress Report (Day 8)

Greetings humans! ^_^

As you know, I’ve been on the 30-day FitID challenge and as part of that, the diet I’ve been using is “The Carb Nite Solution“. At the same time, I’ve been doing a colon cleanse from Dr. Natura called Colonix. I’ve done that particular program before and it always made me feel better, lighter and cleaner. Lastly, I’ve been very consistent in taking my vitamin supplements, to include DHA/EPA, Vitamin D12, Biotin, Zinc and your standard multi-vitamin pill.

It’s been a LOT to keep track of and add cooking my meals no top of it means I have to plan ahead… WAY ahead.

I’d like to share some of my observations made so far in executing the diet and the kind of results you get.

  • Food planning is a MUST. You cannot leave anything to chance, especially in the beginning of the program. It’s really best to cook your own food since you know what you put in it and can account for the carb count (I use MyFitnessPal to keep track). I went shopping on the weekend for the equivalent of 1 week’s food to prepare and for the most part, I was on point.
  • Hawk nutrition labels like your life depends on it. Well, actually, the diet depends on it (and by proxy, your life). I was decidedly shocked when some seemingly innocent foods had shocking carb levels, most of which was SUGAR. For instance, imitation crab has around 14g carbs — all sugar! It IS fake after all, but goodness! When you have under 30g carbs to consume per day on The Carb Night Solution, you become VERY stingy. Once you know the common offenders, it gets easier to choose quickly, but I spent a longer time than usual looking at labels when shopping at the supermarket. Avoid anything unnatural! If it ends in “-itol” (sugar alcohol), contains high fructose corn syrup and/or its cousins ending in “-ose”, or MSG and other preservatives.. DON’T EAT IT.


    Organic hot chocolate vs. highly processed hot chocolate? Which would you choose?

  • Fiber is your friend! Again, you’ve got less than 30g carbs to consume a day. Truth be told, eating straight protein is BORING. Sure there’s plenty of options, but all that meat in general… dunno about you, but variety is hugely important. Eating vegetables helps me stay mentally balanced on this diet, that I’m not overdosing on a meat avalanche. It helps to add in a little filler in the form of fiber-rich vegetables (cooked with canola or olive oil so you get your balanced “good” fat): broccoli (great source of Vitamin A), greens (like spinach, romaine lettuce, kale, etc), bok choy (my favorite!), asparagus, etc. There’s a good list here, but keep in mind you have a 30g carb limit (and ideally you want to keep it less than that, NOT at the threshold), so I would stick with 3g net/usable carbs or less. Usable (or net carbs) are the total carb count minus the amount total fiber count. Fiber is not counted as a carb on The Carb Nite Solution.
  • Choose your drinks wisely. I’m not a soda drinker to begin with, so that was never a struggle. However for the rest of y’all, avoid soda at all costs, including diet ones. I had a couple diet Snapple iced tea’s during the week just for a little variety, but aspartame/sucralose/miscellanesous-crap-fake-sugar is no good for you. It is unnatural and unhealthy, and everyone should limit their consumption of these harmful substances. Don’t believe me? Read this for just one reason why not to consume it. The hardest has been giving up alcohol, I think. I’ve avoided karaoke and bars in general because I don’t even want the temptation of it around me. Problem is, I love the occasional glass of wine or a martini; it’s relaxing after a long day’s work. Still, you cannot lose weight and drink alcohol at the same time; it’s an impossibility and your body simply will not allow it. My drinks of choice have been Lipton Gold Peak Unsweetened Iced Tea, seltzer and water.

So that’s my comments on FOOD. Wait, just one more comment: eating out doesn’t have to be hard. Go UBER simple. Avoid fast food. Pick things with the least amount of sauce (a fair amount of sauce is thickened with roux or cornstarch – both carby).

Executing all of this in the beginning was a challenge, but I got into a routine so now it’s relatively easy. The one thing that makes me nervous is Carb Nite itself. Here’s the deal: Carb Nite is not a pig-out fest of carbs despite what people say. In fact, as I understand it at least, the kind of carbs you should consume is pretty narrow: high glycemic foods that are naturally derived. So no store-bought donuts or processed potato chips… it has to be fresh, as in bakery goods like bread, pastries, cake, etc. I think I’m going to have to re-read the section in the book about this so I can prep adequately. I’m not a big direct carb eater and I don’t have a sweet tooth, so this will be tough.

Lastly, let’s talk exercise. I could stand to do more of it. What I’ve done this week has mostly been at home with bodyweight and my kettlebell as counter-weight. But I do need to go to the gym for more high-intensity. I know this… but I haven’t made the mental leap to doing it quite yet. I’m pretty sure I’ll do it tomorrow because I will feel SUPER guilty for eating all those carbs without at least making it look like carb-backloading. Yeah… amazingly that’s all I’ve got to say about exercise.

Now onto results! Since last Saturday, January 5th, I’ve lost 6 pounds and have dropped below a key threshold number for me for the first time in 6 years! You can imagine my excitement. There’s nothing more encouraging and reaffirming that this is working than to see that drop.

I’m looking forward to continuing this. I’ll report back AFTER Carb Nite. ~_~