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Progress Report (Day 24)

Truly, I cannot believe 24 days has passed since I started the Carb Nite Solution and the FitID 30 day challenge. One more week to go in the challenge… While I wish I’d made more progress to date, I must admit that it has really forced me to think about my food consumption and fitness goals in more realistic terms. It is true when anyone starts any kind of weight loss program, we all eat off more than we can chew. Gaining perspective on how to approach this on a daily basis is the key point. It’s true: I’ve faltered my fair share. Had some carbs on days when I shouldn’t have, consumed some alcohol (although my consumption has dramatically decreased & I rather like it that way)… but I took it day by day and did the best I could.

Overall, I have lost weight and inches since the start, for which I’m very grateful and proud! In considering my path going forward, I’ve decided on a realistic goal: running from my house to my mother’s, a total of 6.6 miles by mid-summer. It sounds super simple for many people, but don’t minimize the goal itself, folks! I’ve never RUN before. The idea is to start small, get walking and build from there — and I already like to walk fast. This means 3 to 4 days a week. It means I can get really great results by being really committed and focused on this goal.

You know, the key to accomplishing goals is commitment, vision and action. I can really see myself doing this, visualizing what it would be like to pound the pavement. Running may also help me to de-stress and focus on one thing at a time. In my line of work, multi-tasking is the only way you can survive a day. I’ve lost the ability to just focus on a single thing (other than writing or cooking, perhaps). The health and mental benefits are likely to be worth it. Looking at the positives keeps me committed to something like this.

So that’s what I’m working from right now: vision. The Carb Nite Solution isn’t particularly good for a running regimen, so as I get more involved, I’ll have to change diet plans… that’s okay by me. I’ve been looking at the Paleo Diet as an alternative to work with. That’s been the other real change: I’m gradually starting to view food as fuel as opposed to a way to have a good time. I still appreciate a good meal & good ingredients, but I look at it more in terms of the numbers, actual content. That alone is a powerful shift, I say.

But first things first: let’s get to running!

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