Bok Choy
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My Bok Choy Love Affair

There’s a certain level of convenience being around the corner from Fong & Zhou Supermarket, my paradise spot for all kinds of Asian goodies. They have a wide variety of foods from all across the Far East and admittedly, I’m getting a little spoiled.I can pick, choose and refuse any number of delicacies now!

However, I find myself in a love affair… with a vegetable. Yes, bok choy is my secret lover. Shhhhh…. don’t tell anyone! *_* It’s a SECRET!

Bok Choy

Bok Choy

Of course, I’ve eaten bok choy before but since starting the Carb Nite Solution, vegetables have taken on even greater importance as a way to keep me full and keep my palate engaged when all that’s around is protein and good fats. When a doctor tells you to take a supplement to get your essential vitamins and minerals, you’re better off looking to vegetables as real, natural sources of these core items. Besides, why would ANYONE take a pill when they can eat more?!

Ahem… so, why bok choy, you ask?

Come on, look at this guy. LOOK. AT. HIM. Bok choy is the definition of kawaii (cute in Japanese)! This pretty vegetable is from the cabbage family and showcases leafy greens and a white bulbous base. Not only is it easy to cook with and prepare in a variety of tasty ways, it is super low in calories (9 calories per serving), super low carb (only 1 gram usable carb per 1 cup), no fat or sugar and is a great source of antioxidant favorite vitamins A, C and K. Check out the USDA’s site for the nutritional content of this amazing vegetable! Did I forget to mention how great this tastes?

Some common ingredients you’ll find paired with a bok choy recipe are garlic, sesame oil and ginger. You can’t go wrong with adding in your choice of protein — bok choy is very flexible! — and is particularly good for the vegetarians and vegans out there.

Here’s some selections for recipes out there on the Internet:

Stir-fry bok choy with garlic & ginger

Sauteed bok choy

Bok choy salad

Spicy shrimp & bok choy noodle soup

You get the idea. What an AMAZING vegetable this little guy is! Eat more bok choy!

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  1. Bok choy is awesome! It wasn’t convenient for us to get it, even in Seattle, but now we can get it within walking distance. I’ve been digging spinach lately, but I’ll definitely give bok choy some more love after reading this post.^^

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