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Carb Nite Redux (Day 17)

Yesterday was my 2nd Carb Nite and I have to say, it was MUCH better than the first time around. Here’s the deal: I don’t like sweets. Never have. That seems to be sacrilege among those of female stock. The first Carb Nite 8 days ago was horrible. I tried to eat sweets – a danish, chocolate roll, ice cream – and the only thing that sat in my stomach semi-comfortably was the ice cream. All the other stuff just literally made me want to hurl. Maybe it was the lack of carbs for such a long period of time that made my stomach gripe, but all I know is that it left me in a lot of pain. I learned my lesson then to stick to savory goodies for my high-glycemic carbs instead of sweet.

Taiyaki with green tea ice cream

Taiyaki with green tea ice cream

Yesterday, I opted for a combination of grilled meat (yakiniku) and items I don’t normally eat such as garlic rice and taiyaki with green tea ice cream for dinner. And I had WINE. It was so great! A late lunch around 4 or 5 called for tapenade with crostini (aka BREAD). Thoroughly enjoyable.

So in all honesty, savory wins over sweet any day when it comes to Carb Nite. I do believe that’s how I’m going to roll going forward. Overall, my take is that the Carb Nite Solution does work and I think I’ll see even more results with more exercise.

As for a mini-progress report, I had a really rough week last week with a number of work obligations that prevented me from eating correctly. This week is for getting back on track & pushing myself on the exercise end of things. I can do this. ^_^ 頑張ります!