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第1週の言葉:年次検査 (J/E Post)

I’m trying to actively practice my Japanese & improve vocabulary / grammar at the same time. Any comments are appreciated! Thank you!

~~ 日本語 ~~


  1. 財務会計(ざいむかいけい)
  2. コンプライアンス
  3. 役割(やくわり)と責任(せきにん)の見直し
  4. 監査証拠(かんさしょうこ)



Each year, companies around the world conduct a review of their annual accounting. This annual audit process is reviews several areas of a business:

  1. Financial accounting
  2. Compliance
  3. Review of roles and responsibilities
  4. Audit evidence

Once completed, the report on the audit results are submitted. International companies generally adhere to international audit standards. The annual audit is important to ensure that companies conduct business in a fair and accurate way.