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The 2012 Recap

Thinking back on the events of 2012, I’d have to say it was a relatively ho-drum year. Sure, I could have accomplished a whole lot more and a lot of planned actions fell to the wayside. However, I can’t say anything truly bad happened this year. I bore witness to a good many of my friends getting engaged, married or having children — all nice events. I was lucky to travel to Tokyo and to Cancun on vacation during the year & I had an amazing time in both locations. I also had the unexpected opportunity to visit Prague for work purposes. So I did a fair amount of traveling during the year. πŸ™‚

Perhaps the only disappointing this is just how much time I spent working this year. I worked a LOT. For the record, being readily accessible isn’t necessarily a good thing. My work/life balance is off & I’m working to correct that. Granted, I’m not saying be a lazy bum – quite the contrary. It’s more recognizing that I need to leave work at work instead of bring it home with me. Turning off the brain and letting all that float away somewhere else has been a particular challenge. I’m a thinker and love mulling over things until I’ve beaten them into the ground; these are the makings of a workaholic. Not healthy.

On the side, I think getting healthier is something that I finally really committed to and in that vein, I’ve been eating relatively healthier, drinking less & implementing more exercise options in my life. I still struggle with exercise because I inherently can’t stand doing it, but I’m working to transform my relationship to it so that I can find something enjoyable about it.

I finally moved back to Brooklyn after living in Manhattan for 9 years. That’s practically all of my 20s I spent living in Dominicanville! In a way, returning to Brooklyn was the start of a new chapter in my life. (Now if I can only get my smoke/carbon monoxide detector to stop going bonkers..)

I’m not a fan of resolutions, never have been… but I do think it’s important to create goals to accomplish with a plan of attack so that you actually have the possibility of seeing it through. Life is meant to be lived actively; you’re not just passing through life as a spectator. It’s in that vein I’d like 2013 to be an active year. All those overwhelming fears I have about a number of things… I’m gonna work on having a breakthrough with them.

I hope that you too set out to accomplish your goals in 2013! Happy New Year & I wish you all the best for a healthy, prosperous and joyous year to come.