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Tadoku Is BACK!

Japanese learning never stops. Really, it doesn’t. Honestly, just when I thought I took too many steps away from Japanese, it comes roaring back and screaming in my face saying “WTF are you doing?!” or rather “何ですか、これは?日本語を勉強しなきゃ!” Heaven bless @LordSilent for bring back the Tadoku (多読) contest despite his rather rough year!

I’m not a fan of reinventing the wheel, so have a look at his site on what tadoku is and how the contest works. You can register via Twitter by tweeting “@TadokuBot #reg” or (new!) you can register on his website! Tadoku can be “played” in a number of languages, not just Japanese.

So, time to grab some books, newspapers, whatever reading material you’ve got… and let’s get cracking in January! I’ve started using (for the 2nd time, mind you – been busy) to practice on a number of areas since I’d like to take one more crack at the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, Level N2 next December. By the way, if anyone has any manga they’re currently reading and enjoying, let me know! I’m on the lookout for new stuff. 🙂