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Rebellious Body, You Will Bow To Me! (Day 2)

It’s screwing with me. You know what I’m talking about. This body of mine is taunting me, playing tricks with my mind, throwing dirty trick after dirty trick at me in the form of food. My body is trying to refuse bowing down to me, but damn you! YOU. WILL. BOW. TO. ME! >_< I’m better than this!

I’m hungry as hell right now, but I know it’s not because I’m really hungry. It’s withdrawal. Sure, it’s only Day 2, but it’s the first 7 days that are killer — I know this. In my head, I’m rationalizing what the heck I’m doing; it goes something like this:

“Why are you doing this again? To lose weight? Look, your body is crying out for you to feed it, to satiate it, to make it happy. Eat something, fool! You know you want to. You can have those mini pork buns — they’re only 333 calories for 8 small pieces. Or maybe one slice of margherita pizza: that’s only 240 calories! See, it’s all small and it’ll make you happy…”

It’s times like this I wish I could just shut my brain off, tell it to shut up. The problem with those two above options is that they are carb & fat heavy, two things I’m trying very hard to keep low. It’s not even GOOD carbs or fat, really. Tasty carbs and fat… SMH. No! I will not give in!

God, I can see this is going to be a long two weeks. -_-