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New Site, New Everything!

Hey everybody! As I’m sure you noticed, some big changes happened this weekend! is now!

Why the change? Well, I’ve used for a long time and I’ve been gradually focusing my efforts on self-promotion and branding. It was kind of an inevitable shift. I was waiting forever for the .com domain of my name to free up, but that was just taking forever. This will be a true showcase of my skills, experience and current interests. My hope is that you’ll get a much rounder view of me as a person & what I can do for you professionally. My writing site is still the same – – as that’s my nom de plume. Let’s be clear: I make no secret of what I write under that name;  it’s all about romance & erotica. The writing here via my blog on is all non-romance, non-erotica… mostly Japanese and Finance/Politics related discussions.

All the links should still route properly to the new site. Additionally, I’ve expanded some of my photography and some other areas a bit. There’s definitely more content and pictures to showcase over the next few weeks and beyond.

So update your links and I look forward to showcasing more items for you!