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Japanese Proverbs: 天は自ら助くるものを助く

Many of us believe in a higher power, that there is some unseen force that guides our lives toward (hopefully) a better future. Still, as human beings, we have a considerable amount of free will that we exercise on a daily basis, sometimes discounted in favor of allowing that higher power to take control.

Well, consider this proverb:

ten wa mizukara tasukuru mono o tasuku

“Heaven helps those that help themselves” – sound familiar? Truth is, while “on high” can help you in the faith department to sustain your believe that the outcome you want will result, you still actually have to do the work. How ridiculous it is to say “God will help me get a new job” and you don’t actually get out there and search! Making the effort starts the process along!

If you want something — anything, it doesn’t matter what it is — it’s up to you to take action to get there, to help your cause along in the right direction. Give yourself and heaven a chance to make a difference in your goal by helping yourself toward that goal!