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The Half-Year Checkup

Much like thing to visit the doctor twice a year, it is important to me that I check in and do an honest assessment of where I am and where I want to be.

Some things have happened in the last 6 months that have changed my mind considerably. Here goes:

1) Moving back to Brooklyn
I hee’d and haw’d about this, but I’m very certain about moving back to my hometown. I’ve lived in Manhattan for 9 years (8 of them in Inwood aka Dominicanville), and frankly I’m tired. Tired of the noise, the crazy Dominican neighbors, and the lack of variety. While the neighborhood as a whole isn’t bad, where I am is cheaper in comparison, so I guess I got what I paid for. So, yes… Brooklyn. I’m still working out the details of where, but my lease is up in October, so that’s the when.

So what does this mean for Japan, you ask?

2) I’m staying in the USA for now.
I’ll be 34 this year and I’m antsy about being away from my mom. There are a lot of financial hardships to come in the next couple years, and I stand a better chance of surviving it here in the USA. Leaving for Japan is tantamount to giving up a very good career I’ve built, and I’m not entirely willing to give it up to teach English and start all over (noble profession, in my opinion).

I’ll still visit regularly as I currently do, but the job and political climate is not helpful for any move to Japan right now. I’ll keep my eyes open though. Should the opportunity present itself, I’m not stupid enough to pass it up. But I want to do what I’m good at.

3) Publish an anthology
Those of you that know me well know that I write. It should come as no surprise that I want this done… by the fall. It’s been a long time coming in honesty, and I ask for your support as I do this!

4) Keep at the weight loss
Every day is a conscious decision, choice, to get this done. I’m resolved to get down to 150, but it is a ways away. Actually, I’m still struggling to make exercise a habitual part of my day, like getting up and going to work each morning. A lifetime without this habit has taken its toll, I have to say. But excuses of ones childhood do not have to be ones adulthood, so I’m going to find a way.

I guess those are the major things right now. Let’s see what happens next. 🙂