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Japanese Proverbs: 三日坊主

Here is a phrase we can all relate to:

三日坊主 (みっかぼうず)
Mikka bouzu

Literally, this means “three-day monk”. So seriously, what monk do you know does or is anything for just three days? The dude could probably sit there and contemplate the nature of water in a bowl for a week, so mundane the task real monks would undertake. Just so, this phrase aptly describes people that start things but don’t see them through. They get into something and give up for any number of reasons: it’s too hard, it’s inconvenient (i.e., time), I don’t like it or don’t think I can do it because of (insert random excuse). Think of every New Year’s resolution you’ve ever made and never turned into reality, fell short on somehow… yeah. THAT.

Yes, we will all face some adversities and have to face the hardship of doing the things we need to do. However, if we were really dedicated to the end goal, we would put all those excuses aside, dig deep and push through. Easier said that done, you say, but not to sound like a Nike commercial – you just have to do it!

Don’t be a 三日坊主! Stand tall in your commitment and see it through to the end! You’ll be glad you did!