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Getting Healthy: Action Time!


I’ve been saying for a while how I want to get healthy. I’d start things up and then fall back into old habits, perhaps not to the same extent as before, but fall I did. This time is different. I’m putting my money where my mouth is and there’s nothing like your own hard earned cash that makes you do what you have to do. Here’s what I’m doing (in the interest of keeping things honest):

Physical Therapy: My long-standing knee pain is gradually being addressed. Granted, it’s been long overdue for me to have this looked at and help the process of me actually exercising without pain, but I’m doing it now. I started this mid-March and it’s going well so far. The place I’m going to, Evolution Physical Therapy, is an outstanding place with really patient & knowledgeable trainers. Eva has been a godsend and is constantly challenging me to stretch things out safely while making me push my boundaries a little. As long as my insurance isn’t going to be a douche about it, I’ll keep going. Again, I’m putting out real cash to help my health – $50 per visit.

Transitioning to Vegetarianism: My great friend Kim Parris (go check out her site, she’s awesome <<shameless plug>>) was and is a true source of inspiration to me in this endeavor. She transformed her health and her body by changing her lifestyle, what she put into her body and what she did with that body. I was really moved the last time I saw her and her face was GLOWING with health. It was truly amazing.

I’d been wanting to do this switch for a while because I’ve always experienced problems processing red meat, pork & chicken in my body – it takes anywhere from 1 to 3 days for it fully process, leaving me in a state of poofy-ness that is downright uncomfortable. It isn’t serving me well, so out it goes. I’ve stopped consuming red meat and I’ve never been a big pork eater to begin with. Chicken is always a toughie, but I’m working on that too. As long as I don’t have it in my house, I won’t eat it, so I’m clearing out my refrigerator of that stuff. I also bought a juicer (see above picture) and I’m going on a 2 to 3 week fruit & vegetable liquid diet in an effort to reboot my system and get rid of all this crap that’s poisoning me. (By the way: Watch the movie “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” — it’s on Netflix. While it may be sensationalized to some extent, it brings up very good points. If this doesn’t motivate you to move your ass, nothing will.) This means more money. I have to buy all organic because regular fruits and vegetables are covered with all kinds of pesticides which are absolutely no good for your body. I’ll have a better idea this week how much I have to budget to make it happen, but it’s looking like about $60 to $80 per week. That’s actually cheaper for me since I won’t be eating out as much, if at all.

I just tried out the juicer (see link to Amazon on the right for details on the model) for the first time today… forgot how loud those suckers are! But the juice tastes good! Here’s the easy recipe I made today:

1/2 organic cucumber
1 organic fuji apple
1 bunch organic spinach
4 organic strawberries
1 organic carrot, top removed

Just juice it all. No sugar is needed. It’s yummy with just the right amount of sweetness & I can feel it sitting well in my stomach. These are the things that will not only keep me full and satiated, but will help improve my skin, hair, nails, help process fat more effectively… get me slimmer and healthier!

Personal Trainer: I’m having my first session with my good friend Kenneth Yim, who is part of a group called FitID. I am so moved by the results he has created that I am wholly motivated to get him onto #TeamChristine to help ME create the results I want… and he is supporting me in this, for which I am tremendously grateful. Half of the weight loss process is motivation & support. When you know you have someone backing you up and giving you the right tools to use, it makes everything possible. Of course, this will NOT be cheap, but as I said, I’m putting my money where my mouth is. No more bullshit. My stand is that I will be in my bikini come July, feeling and looking GREAT.

As I said on my Facebook status the other day, when you’re ready to give up what you have in order to have what you want, YOU’RE READY.

I’m keeping it honest folks. I’ll be posting what I’m eating daily on Twitter and Instagram (my name there is ladymika00 – follow me!), giving recipes where  applicable so that you can be on the healthy trip too if you’re up for it.

Summer officially starts in 74 days. Who’s with me? LET’S GO!