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Making Peace

Over time, many things and people fall to the wayside for one reason or another, often because of a falling out or plain old miscommunication.

Each time someone departs from my life, I recognize the relationship for what it was, both good and bad, then let it go. Here is the deal: if people don’t want to be friends with you or lovers for that matter, you can’t force them. No matter how much substantive evidence you can give in your favor, once they have made up their mind, it’s done. Such is life. I don’t play the game of forcing people to like or want to be around me. If you want to, then you will. If not, oh well.

Human beings waste a lot of valuable energy and time on dead relationships instead on focusing on the live ones that actually give a damn. We need to stop this process of pining for those things that have left us and live what life we have without regrets by enjoying the wonderful things we DO have. In this, we can make ourselves very happy instead of being the source of our own pain. No one purposely wants to be in pain, do they?

Make peace with that which is gone… and move on. The rest of your life awaits and the possibility of meeting more individuals that can enrich your life and theirs, grows.

Isn’t that wonderful?