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Let’s Talk Manga: 未来日記 (Future Diary)

October is the last Tadoku session of 2011!!! I’m excited because I want to break my old records. Thanks to @lordsilent (the guy that actually runs the tadoku contest), I’ve started off the month with a blast reading a manga series called 未来日記(みらいにっき)or “The Future Diary”. Imagine a scenario where you’re able to see what is going to happen in the immediate future on your mobile. I don’t know if they have it translated into English, but goodness they should. It’s a bold combination of funny, rawness and insanity. The main character Yukiteru Amano is for all intents and purposes just a simple student that wants to fit in. At most, you can catch him for having an overactive imagination about a god-like dude called Deus Ex Machina. He’s drawn into this “survival game” with 11 other competitors using these diaries as means to get one-up on everyone else. Yes, it involves killing and all kinds of manipulation to win. It doesn’t help that he has his stalker “girlfriend” Yuno Gasai following his every move and threatening to kill anyone that tries to hurt him!

I’ve read a lot of manga in my day. This story has managed to truly engage me, so much that I would literally laugh out loud on the train. For instance, today I’m finishing up volume 4 and a guy is “reading” over my shoulder on the crowded subway car; I could feel his eyes on me! Then, I took a seat and he promptly followed me and sat next to me… STILL LOOKING AT MY MANGA. He finally said something:

Him: “You look really engaged with that story…”

Me: “Yup.” (I kept reading, it was getting GOOD!)

Him: “So… what’s that manga called?”

Me: (pointing to front cover) “Mirai Nikki — The Future Diary.” (back to reading)

Him: “You must read Japanese…”

SERIOUSLY? He seriously asked me that question. Here I am jamming through 未来日記 , not the first lick of English to be seen… and he makes that statement. O_o

Anyway, the story is THAT engaging. I’m going to have to make a stop at BookOff tomorrow after work. I should have gone today! Now I have no manga to read… I guess I’ll have to read a book instead. I do have that 村上春樹 book 「アフターダーク」(Haruki Murakami’s Afterdark)…