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Why Teach English

In pursuit of my dream to live in Japan, I’ve decided to make teaching English my fallback option for making it there. But here’s the thing: if I’m going to teach people my native tongue, I want to do it correctly. So, I’m planning on taking a CELTA course at Teaching House here in New York City. It won’t be a picnic like some of these other TESOL/TEFL certification classes you can do online. This is much more hands-on and interactive with real students.

It seems like the de-facto thing to do: gaijin goes to Japan as an English teacher. Truth be told, there is no shame in that whatsoever. Teaching is a brilliant profession that deserves much more respect than it gets. Do you know how much patience and preparation it takes to execute a lesson plan? Do you understand the immeasurable satisfaction of seeing your student succeed and learn the valuable things you have spent time teaching? It is an amazing thing, honestly it is.

The kind of teaching I’ve done in the past is technical: working with Microsoft Office, showing people how to work in HTML, etc. All technical. So English is going to be a major difference for me and to use it in Japan will be just unreal. I am hopeful that I can live up to the standards set by all of my language teachers prior. I’ve studied several languages over the years — I get how hard learning a language is.

So, I’m excited. Why should anyone teach English? One clear reason comes to mind: so that we can all communicate on a level playing field. English is the standard language of communication around the world and such, many people understand that in order to be taken seriously in the international community — in terms of work, entertainment, etc — it is important to have this language under your belt. It is an exciting prospect to be doing this and I know I will learn a lot of techniques during my course that will help my efforts.

Let’s get started then!