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The Dyckman Street Debacle

Let’s face it, Dyckman Street in Inwood, NYC is now a busy thoroughfare filled with bars, restaurants and clubs. Until a few months ago, the only active and long-standing club on the stretch east of Broadway was 809 Bar & Grill. (I’m not so concerned about west of Broadway – yes, there is a distinct difference in living experience – since I live on Sherman Avenue and Dyckman.) Sure, on the weekends, it’s understandable that there will be clubgoers and a certain amount of noise. I’ve lived with that for years. However, the kind of noise that I’ve had to endure for the last couple of months is borderline unbearable.

Now we have 3 clubs east of Broadway. THREE: 809, the gay club Le Boy Bar & Lounge and the new kid on the block, MTB Lounge. There’s been this clash between Le Boy and 809 since they are located conveniently close — they are only separated by one or two shops on the south-side of Dyckman between Post Avenue & Nagle Avenue. The one that really kills me personally is MTB; it’s on the north-side of Dyckman and is directly in front of my apartment. MY apartment. How my neighbors aren’t in an uproar is beyond me.

Imagine: it’s Thursday night and you have to get up at 6:30am to go to work the next day. You are awakened by the reverberation and feedback from the new club right behind your apartment building. Then immediately thereafter, you are disturbed by the sound of cars honking their horns uncontrollably and loud (and presumably toasted) clubgoers walking to cars and looking for cabs. You know exactly what time it is. It’s 4am and it’s time for the clubgoers to make their way home. Only problem is that they don’t know how to do that without being unbearably loud and the sheer number of people on the streets is a draw for black cabs looking for business.

AT 4AM. Really? Don’t believe me? Look at THIS video I shot from my apartment:

[youtube id=”Qi9IzQP7KKc” width=”100%” height=”auto”]

This is what I have to wake up to at 4am. The noise lasts anywhere between 30 and 45 minutes, thereafter quieting because everyone has made their way home. The ones actually making the noise are the clubgoers and the cars there to pick them up. Those black cabs sit in front of the clubs, causing traffic on Dyckman Street and impatient drivers want to get by. Honk, honk. The clubgoers are just being loud because they can.

The root of the problem is the club itself. These establishments will vehemently deny it: they’re not responsible for what happens to their patrons once they leave their lounge. They aren’t responsible for the quality of life issue in this residential area with all the noise from the clubs. Admittedly, the clubs themselves have done a good job of soundproofing their lounges — you can hear very little of the music going on inside. But when their customers leave, that’s where the real trouble begins.

I’ve seen fights break out in the middle of the street on Dyckman after the club lets out, people nearly get into car accidents, individuals that are clearly drunk & stumbling get into cars with the intention of driving. Traffic jams on Dyckman at 4am are NOT NORMAL. Honestly, I don’t know what it will take for community leaders and the police to get involved in this noise problem. I know we are east of Broadway and to some extent the “red-headed stepchild” of Inwood, but come on. We’ve already seen an increase in crime activity in Inwood: do we really need things like this exacerbating the problem?

I really need my sleep and I’m sure people are tired of hearing me bitch about this on Twitter. Someone PLEASE do something about this… I’ve got one more year on my lease and I don’t know if I can take this weekend noise anymore. I really shouldn’t have to relocate to Brooklyn on weekends just to get away from the noise.

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  1. Kareem on said:

    How you have taken to arms and put a few of those cretins down is beyond me. If this were downtown, it would not be allowed to happen.

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