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The 9/11 Attacks: 10 Years Later

September 11, 2001. This is a date that will live in the memories and history of many people around the world. Our lives were forever changed by these unfortunate series of events and as we remember those that were lost, as we remember the reasons why this event even took place, it underscores the continued need for understanding, peace and freedom for the masses.

9/11 took away our civil liberties in one fell swoop. We as Americans changed our tune to say that “Yes, we are willing to sacrifice some liberties — liberties hard fought for by our predecessors — for safety”. I take the train every day to Columbus Circle to go to work and I see military personnel there daily with AK-47’s or whatever machine gun-looking devices they have. Should I believe that I’m safer because they are there, because military presence has me covered? This is the fallacy of safety.

I’m sorry to really say this folks, but…. WE ARE NOT SAFE. It’s true. The quicker and more willing we are to understand this, the more in-the-moment we can begin to live our lives. The more we can let go of the fear-mongering that holds us paralyzed to making a difference…

I recognize that many many innocents perished unnecessarily on that day, and for that, heaven bless their souls. I also pray that the people in the world that would do harm to others, deliberately go about killing innocent individuals, find a special place in Hell with a never-ending cauldron of hellfire blazing beneath them. I hope that the families have found some semblance of peace after all this time and have been able to move forward with their lives, bolstered by their determination to live life to the fullest.

I stand by the fact that 9/11 was a wake-up call to us all. There are forces out there that want to do harm — that has ever been true. But we cannot let those forces draw us from our course, disturb our lives and loved ones. Let us remember the differences that bring us together instead of those that separate us. Let us stand for positivity, freedom and peace in the face of war & terrorism.

My hope has not waned that this is all a possibility. 🙂