“Ji-shin” ~ Belief in Oneself

A few weeks back, I was telling some friends that I want a new tattoo and decided on some Japanese kanji meaning “Absolute Perfection” (kanzen muketsu). But today, I was thinking that I need a different one first: “Confidence” (Ji-shin).

In order to be the embodiment of “absolute perfection”, I must have confidence. One cannot be without the other. I take hits to my confidence daily, either through my own internal blabber or from external sources (friends, work, lovers, etc etc). I keep going because I simply must; in the game of life, there will be wins, losses and sometimes ties. I can’t stop because of a minor setback; I will never be successful if I let that loss consume me.

So, I think I’ll get that “ji-shin” tattoo in a prominent place so I see it every day, to remind myself that I can do it, no matter what “it” is. I’ll post a picture when it gets done. ^_^

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