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Etiquette Revisited

Sigh. It is so sad this needs saying, but here is the observation of the day. Since when does pointing at a seat without a word imply you want it? I talk about common courtesy all the time and we, at least in the Big Apple, are losing it big time.

Just now (yes, I’m writing this on my way downtown), a lady pointed to the empty seat next to me. While I understood what she meant, not a single “excuse me” was uttered. This is something I noticed from a couple years ago. Is this the side affect of our social media focused lifestyle? There is a lot of inference, but people are strangely reluctant to be straight and state what they really want in real life.

Similarly, another woman has all her crap across two seats and she refuses to move, even when three people did the “pointy” thing (none said a word!) and sat down where they could. They could have said something easily, even if the woman was being blatantly rude.

Not to mention that guy yesterday that was singing a rap song aloud the entire trip. He had no respect for the space of others! Especially when the song drops f-bombs every third word! C’mon….

My point is, we have stopped speaking up when the time is appropriate for it and are loud when the situation doesn’t warrant it. It is a reversal that spells trouble for what courtesies and etiquette remain.

I can’t speak to this observation in other cities around the globe, as it is culturally dependent, but I think there is a distinct trend developing. What are some of your observations in your city? I’m curious.

Heaven save us from all rude people out there!