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Time For Tadoku – Part 3!!

It’s that time again! Time for reading en masse of Japanese. In the second session, I did marginally better, but I can do better than that. I already did my book run (went to Bookoff last weekend) and got some manga plus a regular book: “The Homeless Middle School Student”. It’s not as monotonous as reading Twilight in Japanese (seriously, it made me want to shoot myself, effin Bella). But I want to take advantage of the many ways to learn some new stuff. I think I’ll read some more Japanese blogs of my followers on Twitter. 🙂

Even though I’m working, I foresee that I will have more free time on weekends than in recent history, so I think I’ll do really well for tadoku this time.

Let’s get cracking! Besides, the proficiency test is coming up this time and I must pass N2!! MUST! Failure is not an option!