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Raging Rapids of Stupidity

It seems that New Yorkers believe that they are exempt from all levels of etiquette, including those mandated by law. For instance, I’m waiting for the train and as it comes into the station, I step to the side of the door to let people out first. What does the man next to me do? Come right IN FRONT OF ME and stand right in the middle of the door, then proceeds to push his way onto the train as several people are coming off. Would it honestly kill you to let other passengers off first? We can’t go in and come out at the same time — you’d think that was common sense.

Then just now, as I’m waiting for the light to cross the street, a man with his headphones on crosses the street against the light JUST as traffic is going. A car had to stop short to avoid hitting him. What does the man do? He stops, stares at the driver, says some choice words and keeps walking! I mean, REALLY? Is this what our daily behaviors and interactions have degraded to, New York?

People seem to be wading — no DIVING — into rapids of stupidity! I wish I could just slap some sense into these folks and give them a wake-up call.

I’m so done. Grr.