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Ready To Move

I’ve lived in Inwood, New York since 2004 and it was only recently that I felt the need to trek back to Brooklyn. A few things precipitated a change on mood:

1) my mom is retired officially and it would be nice to be closer to her;
2) my Dominican neighbors are getting progressively louder and louder (if you follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen my incessant complaints against my fighting and fornicating neighbors upstairs *_*);
3) I miss real West Indian food. I’m sooooooooo not kidding.

Yeah, that’s all it takes really.

I’m not entirely sure when this will take place just yet, but I know when enough is enough.

None of this is to speak poorly of Inwood – it’s a great hood, especially with all the recent changes over the years gentrification-wise. It’s really me. I left Brooklyn all that time ago to do a little discovery, live on my own for a while. Been there, done that. It’s time to go home.