Time for Tadoku – Part 2!

For those of you that are not familiar with tadoku, go here:

I placed 58th last round! 58th! Really? This is just not acceptable! Come on, all you have to do is read foreign language stuff (most are reading Japanese) – books, manga, video games, news, blogs, etc etc. There’s no shortage of Japanese reading material out there. Last time I did it rather haphazardly — I just read manga and that blasted Twilight book in Japanese (omg, Bella does nothing but fuss in the first book >_ -- grow a pair already). There was no PLAN. This time, I've got a plan. Sitting on my table are 6 manga books and 2.5 novels (1/2 a book I didn't get to finish yet). That's gonna be my reading material. That's it. Add to that my karaoke outings which, for the month of April, will be in nothing but Japanese, should more than push me beyond the paltry 58th place. I'm aiming to place at LEAST 40th. Hey, I'm realistic. I work all day -- in ENGLISH. Most of my friends don't speak Japanese, or at least not at my level of Japanese. Unfortunately, my Japanese interactions are limited to online, music, J-events and written materials. One observation during the course of the LAST tadoku contest: I found that when I first started, I could only read Japanese for short bursts at a time otherwise my head started hurting. It was as if I was doing so much processing in my brain that it actually caused me pain. *_* As I read more, the pain lessened and it wasn't as intense... AND I could gradually read longer and longer! I've been reading, but not as intently as during Tadoku. So I think I'll read that NY Japion newspaper and get my brain ready. 😛 So who's with me? TADOKU!! Go sign up NOW.

2 comments on “Time for Tadoku – Part 2!
  1. I’m trying to do tadoku(a lot of reading) but it’s hard for me to do it nicely because I tend to do seidoku(meticulous reading).
    I could do tadoku Japanese books because it’s my mother tongue but still I have a proclivity for seidoku.
    Currently I’ve been reading reading Stephen King, Carl Sagan, Sue grafton, James Patterson, Ann Coulter, Dean Koontz books at one time and have finished none of them after one year plus months but it’s OK for me.
    For example, when I come across phrases like “gone on to some other place”,
    I have to investigate why the “on” is needed there.

  2. I think “seidoku” is probably better, especially if you actually want to understand what you are reading! I understand exactly what you mean though. There are a lot of phrases in English that don’t make any real sense as to WHY it is said a certain way. It “just is”. I know — it’s lame. But when certain pieces of a phrase are missing, it doesn’t sound right… it’s just the same in Japanese, I’ve found. Without the full context, it is hard for anyone to understand what your are trying to point out.

    But we should both keep trying to improve our reading skills. It will benefit us both in many ways!

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