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Snowtime in New York!

snow on my block in Inwood, NY

We have been utterly inundated with snowstorm after snowstorm here in NYC. I haven’t taken many pictures of the snow we’ve had, but I’ve gotta admit, trudging around in the stuff today really gave me a greater appreciation for getting around. I was hoping to avoid having to move around in snow, but Mother Nature just loves to show us a good time!

Columbus Circle

Thankfully, the MTA finally got its act together and the subways were actually running quite well. It took a little longer than usual, but I finally made it downtown to Columbus Circle. It looks quite nice with the snow on the trees, but it’s still treacherous walking around!! Snow is really enjoyable to watch fall and play in, but for certain, I don’t miss the old days of shoveling driveways and clearing off cars. 😀

snow on crosswalk

I mean really. Look at all that SNOW! Truly, I hope we don’t have any more major snowstorms for the season, but we still have another 2 months of winter to go… Oh, Mother Nature, just be nice to us, ok?