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After 4 years of postponing, I finally had bunion surgery on my left foot today. (Don’t know what a bunion is? Here you go.). I had the right foot done about 5 years ago with great results. However, when one foot is working well and the other is off, you can’t ever really wear things like high heels comfortably. It was really in the last 6 months where the problem blew up considerably, the feeling of an icepick stabbing me with daily regularity. Talk about OUCH.

The doctor I’ve been going to, Dr. Brian Fanno, is a great guy. Very capable and thorough… just generally a nice guy. I recommend him to everyone looking for a good podiatrist. Since its bone being shaved off (*cringe*), this is a procedure using general anesthesia. The recovery time can vary from person to person though, as I discovered in the first operation. The first 4 days are crucial – you must keep the foot up and stay away from any moisture. Don’t even THINK of getting it wet. The chance of infection at the onset is pretty good. In realistic terms, you’re able to walk with a boot after 4 days, but it will take another 4 to 6 weeks before you’re allowed to remove the bandaging and do your own wrapping. By my estimation, from operation to fully functioning and recovered foot is about 5 to 6 months. Even then, you have to learn to walk differently because now that excess bone that was disturbing your balance is gone — you learn quickly, but it is something you must do.

The clear benefit is relief from pain in your feet. They are a precious part of your body that we often neglect to the point of no return. Feet serve us in so many ways and its about high time we appreciate them! I know I do.

So for now, time to relax. :) I’m looking forward to my weight loss plus straight feet for the first time ever! Got some major shoe shopping ahead of me. 😛

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