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The Birthday Post

It’s my birthday! *does a jig* Birthday, birthday birthday…!! Omedetou and all that good stuff!

OK, now that THAT is out of my system, let’s get down to business! Whoa, what a year 31 this has been. It encompasses the bulk of 2010, which on the whole has been a very enlightening year of self-improvement, discovery and re-creation. I got to really work on me this year and I have no regrets at all for any of it. In fact, I did things I hadn’t done, including all that travel, the writing, the Japanese study…

One thing’s for sure: it hasn’t been dull by ANY stretch.

As it happens, my birthday falls on Thanksgiving and I am immeasurably grateful and thankful for the tangibles — my health (even in its ups and downs), my job, the roof over my head and the food on my table. But I’m equally grateful for the intangibles: the streams of laughter shared with friends, quality time with family, the moments of connection with friends on Twitter… they are all part of the life experience.

So with that, thanks to all of you that contributed to my age 31 experience. I have high hopes for 32; I can’t wait to kick ass and take some more names. 🙂