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Sheep Syndrome

Just today, I was reflecting on some of the things I do on a regular basis. Then on a periodic basis, seasonal… And it hit me. For the first time on my life, I’m actually paving my own path on the whole.

Here’s the thing: all of us do things that are expected of us and perhaps haven’t stopped to reflect on whether or not we like what we are doing and if its the right thing for us. Society and culture dictates a lot of what we are supposed to like and do. We go to work because we have to. We hang out with certain people because we have to. We go to certain places because we have to.

This absolute of “must” is a troubling thing. The moment we accept this “must”, free will is diminished. Operating in this way is the easy option; with “musts” come acceptance and recognition. To tread the path on your own without any external approval or influence is difficult.

Let me give you a mundane example. Many people love their cable TV. When I decided to get rid of it because it was too expensive, I made a decision to deviate from the norm. My friends thought I was bonkers: what about your shows or your baseball games..? None of that mattered; I went ahead and canceled the service. Now, some of my people are considering doing what I did. And I don’t miss having the cable around.

This is a really simple example but the main point is that decisions to deviate from the norm can range widely from the mundane to the major. Imagine wanting to move from the US to South Africa and everyone around you is against it.
In this life, there is only one chance to do some things. Do you take a risk and stay with a boyfriend or girlfriend, or do you move on to another opportunity? Do you continue to practice a religion you don’t actually believe in? Only you have to life with your life and your decisions. Some things are for the greater good, like its probably not a good idea to blaze off to another country and you have children to care for. It is common sense, but it is also taking the time to understand the real reasoning for why you do the things you do. Don’t be a blind sheep in your life. Those active decisions and understanding are what make life as dynamic as it is. Do what you love, what you want, and be honest with your feelings.