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Mind Your Manners (Pt 2)

Since I’m on a roll here, I might as well continue onto etiquette offender number two:

“Good morning…”
“Good afternoon…”
“Good evening…”

People in the workplace are notorious for not making this simple greeting. For the record, this is a two-way acknowledgment! If I take a moment to say “Good morning” to you, common courtesy dictates that you respond similarly. Vice versa applies!

Once again, my Caribbean upbringing really solidified this in my habits. If you walk by Miss Francine’s house and didn’t say “Good morning”, guaranteed by the time you got home, mom was already laying into you about how she didn’t raise you to be a heathen. Its just one of those things you should do.

As a general rule, here are some circumstances where it is appropriate:

— in the workplace (arriving and leaving)
— with family/friends (it doesn’t have to be super formal either)
— with your neighbors or those with a similar relationship like the person you buy coffee from every day (they see you every day, why not be pleasant and greet them?)
— with your elders (especially older people, it’s just the right thing to do)
— formal environments (job interview, etc.)

There are plenty more, believe me.

I’ve really had enough of the general lack of acknowledgment. I’ve observed that people are more apt to say “Good night” than “Good morning”. Start the day off on a positive upbeat note too!

We are really not strangers in this world, so lets start acting like pleasant human beings! My good vibe greeting could be a little thing that helps get your day started right. Smile, be genuine with your greeting too… because nobody likes a faker.

Courtesy starts with the individual, folks. Just do it.