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Mind Your Manners! (Pt 1)

Greetings! I’ve decided that after being subjected to the daily rudeness that is New York City, I can no longer remain quiet about some basic etiquette that people seem to have forgotten. I know and understand that people come from different cultures and backgrounds. However, I do believe in some fundamentally pleasantries that would do wonders in daily interactions. So, this is going to end up being a series because God knows there’s a lot of rude people out there. I’ve talked about the subway pet peeves before, but we’re going super basic.

“Excuse me…”

This seemingly simple phrase is quickly disappearing from people’s vocabulary. My family is from the Caribbean and you would never think of walking by someone or interrupting a conversion without saying “Excuse me.” It just does not happen. Not only would you get the sideeye, but if your elders were in a certain mood, you could get a good cut-ass with the belt as well.

I wanted to see just how many people don’t say this phrase when the situation clearly warrants for it on my train ride home. The common circumstances were:

– someone passing in front or behind you that would require you to move,
– a passenger getting off at the next stop that is seated next to you and (once again) you have to move,
– someone asking for directions,
– passenger sitting next to you that is getting into a tight spot between you and someone else
– someone’s baggage bumping into you and they don’t notice (often because they have their headphones on).

Those were the situations on this train ride alone. Why do people think it’s okay to bump and push your way through? It really is quite rude!!

A simple “Excuse me…” can pave the way for a more comfortable day. At times my annoyance on this issue prompts me to say “Excuse you..” to which *I* get a dirty look. Me! Dude, you’re clearly in the wrong here!

So moral of today’s post is this: pay attention, and if you have to interrupt someone for any reason, say “Excuse me…”. The more pleasant we are with each other, the better off the world will be.

Carry on.