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The November Gameplan

I’ve been ramping up to the goings-on for November and there is a lot planned. First, I’ve got NaNoWriMo. It is a great opportunity and challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. The story is going to be part of my long-standing planned trilogy romance. I will be talking constantly about this in person, online… just about everywhere.

Second is studying for my Japanese proficiency test. I’ve seen the results of my current study and I’m pleased with the progress. My efforts are going to be kicked up two notches so that I do really well on this N3 test. I don’t just want to pass it; I want to pass it with a great grade. I ask for the help of all my Japanese speaking friends to make this a reality! お願いします!

Lastly is personal training. I knew the only way for me to lose this weight was to engage the help of a professional. I listed this last because I can do both of the above things while I work out, which is awesome! I’m realistic in knowing the weight isn’t going to disappear overnight, but I feel confident that with some time, the results will speak for themselves. This kind of thing is a lifestyle change more than anything else.

Of course, in order for all this this to happen, I have to set myself up to win. Strong scheduling, limiting distractions and staying committed to this road are the keys. I know I can do this and have every confidence it will turn out with great results.

How awesome a birthday at the end of November I will have knowing all this! I’m psyched.

Let’s play! ^_^

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