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Our National Debt


I was walking by the News Corp building in the City today and saw this sign talking about our national debt and each citizen’s portion. Seriously? I know the exact amount of my debt and I guarantee it isn’t even close to $45,000.

While the government is elected by the people, I really don’t feel directly responsible for any debt incurred by them. Frankly, I think it’s a ridiculous premise to assign government debt to the individual. The minute you’re born, you are in debt? C’mon. Stop it.

But hey, if that’s how they intend to treat it, why can’t we have a larger say in how debt is used and paid down? Some debt is good, but a lot of this recurring debt is simply no good. Things improving value of living and creates jobs are good (like improving infrastructure). But there are plenty of frivolous projects and activities going on right now that are eating up monetary resources.

And for the record, we need to kill that saying that the USA is the richest nation in the world. You can’t be rich and in massive amounts of debt.

Do what many people are doing now: cut out the fat and get back to core activities and expenses. I’ve had enough of spending money that isn’t theirs.