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Love the J-Rock Love!

Since I’ve come back from Japan, I’ve been on a J-Rock trip, in particular the group Abingdon Boys School. They’re not well known, mostly for a handful of anime opening songs. But these guys rock out and still talk about love and how their special someone still is “on their mind”.

Like this song, “Lost Reason”, lyrics like this..

You are the reason I’m alive
(without you girl, my life is incomplete)

It reminds me that loving sentiments aren’t always fluff and cuteness. It can be rough, even harsh in the way it can be expressed, but it is the underlying feeling that comes across regardless of its delivery that is important. Love comes in all shapes, sizes and forms, and is rarely what we expect it to be.

Or stuff like this:

Nothing can steal my soul away,
Nothing stands in my way
You’ll never know I’m still thinking about you

Why don’t you turn to me again?
Why don’t you heal me then?
You’ll never know I’m still living beside you,
I’m coming down to you..

I find it appealing in so many ways! Nothing is ever as it appears. It is always the unexpected that brings us life. And that makes the life experience a fulfilling and beautiful thing.