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Early Frost

I understand it’s almost November and that colder weather is inevitable, but really? The main problem with this is that people are still half in summer mode still trying to hold onto the last sandal wearing opportunity they possibly can. Look, the apartment heaters are on: give it up. Wearing sandals with a bubble jacket on is not a good look.

I’ve been on a fashion trip of late, trying to revamp my wardrobe, even as I’m about to begin some intensive physical training. The weight will start to disappear, but I need something in the interim to keep me feeling positive, some encouragement if you will. This weather puts a cramp in things. I refuse to wear that ugly shirt I had from last winter (friends of mine, how could you let me go outside in that thing? honestly..).

The one clear thing is that you always have to look your best because you never know who you will meet! So frumpy stuff is just not an option. I’m working on it!!

I’m just trying not to catch a cold (which also seems like a fail, as my throat is sore and I’m sniffing). When everyone on the subway is sick, then people at work are sick, what do you think is going to happen? I don’t know if those popular surgical masks actually work, but if it means folks won’t sneeze on me and share unwanted cooties, then I’m
all for it. Eew, that’s the worst. Someone sneezes, uses their hand to cover their mouth (maybe), then goes to touch some common space like a door handle or a pole. Nasty. Keep your germs to yourself.

I’m ranting, aren’t I? Oh well. Its that kind of day. 🙂