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The Beauty of Music

While I’m no professional musician, I have studied music for many years and have sung with many choral groups. Of course these days, my singing endeavors are limited to karaoke outings for the most part. The one thing that remains true is how much you put into the song being a determining factor of how the song comes out. I stand by this: you have to love and believe in what you sing. You have to let the emotion flow through so everyone listening can feel it.

I was just talking with someone at karaoke about this very issue. There’s a lot of folks that can sing but only a handful of those individuals have the ability to elicit emotion.

Music can be incredibly powerful, can make grown people cry, laugh and everything in between. If you don’t believe in what you sing, why should anyone else? This holds true for amateurs and pros alike. I love music, everything about it. The instrumentals, the vocals… they all come together to tell a story. They provide a truly unique experience each time you sing.

So don’t hold back! Let your essence become enveloped in song. The release is absolutely wonderful.