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Moving Right Along

Things are looking up for the rest of this week in terms of activities. I’m doing the runaround today with @myfriendwendy (yes, I’m going to make Twitter references, so get used to it!). That should be fun, but dammit, I’m gonna have to wear my sneakers I think. Seriously, I forgot how hilly Tokyo can be! I’m so used to the flat planes of New York City, that my butt slapped me when I had to walk up a hilly section just to get to the train station. I wasn’t huffing or puffing, granted, but I’d totally forgotten. I understand why people are so lean here, at least as a contributing factor!

Tuesday is looking like a free-for-all day, nothing planned really. At least not YET. Maybe I can convince Herman & Yoko for some mid-week karaoke…? Hehe. Karaoke is NOTHING like how its done in New York. Well, that’s not entirely true. Whereas karaoke is 99% boxes here in Japan, there’s a wide variance in the City (the City being NYC, always my reference). The spot I go to, Japas 55 (and all similar Japas franchises) have a bar front and a box back. It should come as no surprise that most Japanese patrons run to the back for their karaoke box. About the only Japanese people I encounter on a regular basis are the scant few that are brave enough to sing out in the crowd and the folks that work there, all Japan transplants. As mixed as NYC is, it is amazingly hard to meet Japanese people! You basically have to run in those circles to even gain a semblance of familiarity. A lot of that “homogenous” mentality sticks, even when outside of Japan it seems.

Then its off to Yokohama on Wednesday. I told a friend I would pick up something if I went there, so there you have it. I’m supposed to hang out in the evening as well, so that should be a lot of fun.

After THAT, I’m heading further to the West into the countryside areas of Japan to see the sights and possibly see a sake brewery! WOOT! That sounds exciting – the foodservice professional in me is screaming YAY! Not just a chance to try some sake (lush), but to see the process. My fellow chefs would agree.

That brings me to Friday… and just one more weekend before I have to disappear back to Nueva York. Lemme tell you. I don’t particularly relish going back to my hood and hearing loud Dominicans going all night with their bachata and merengue. Really? I’m not hating on it, but it has gotten REALLY old now. I’m just about ready to move back to Brooklyn and be closer to my mom already…

Since I’ve been blogging rather regularly now, I think its time to kick up my blog site a tad and get some more “real” content on. I was thinking about doing that on Tuesday, at least part of the day – do a little revamp. Problem is, I have 3 separate and distinct things I work on, so it’ll have to be carefully orchestrated. I like being busy…

Hm, smells like something is burning outside…