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More Subway Pet Peeves


Okay, I knew I wasn’t done when I wrote that last post on the pain in the butt things people do on the train. As I write this message, a dude brought his food and drink on the train, ate it all, then threw it all under his seat.

What. The. Hell.

That is just NASTY. Nasty, dammit! Not only are you eating on the train, which in and of itself is problematic, but you blatantly throw your trash on the floor as you eat like a pig. You would never see such filth in most other cities. Why can’t people pick up after themselves? You brought it on the train; take your mess with you. It’s really not that difficult to comprehend.

It was the same foolishness down at the West Indian American Carnival yesterday in Brooklyn. Used food trays and bottles lined the streets. You would think these people had no home training! The sight of this turns my stomach. Then they are quick to complain that the trains or streets aren’t clean. BS. Do your part as a good citizen of the city and we could keep these problems to a minimum.

I’m so heated.

And I’m sure there will be something else soon… Grr.