Comments Off on Distractions


There’s this Zero 7 song I love called “Distractions” and there’s a particular line that gets me every time:

“I only make jokes to distract myself from the truth…”

Admittedly, I do that a lot. I’ve never been one to bog my friends down with stuff that is only half formulated, and as a result, I do distract myself… with work, with study, with everything in order to not face the truth. That becomes a bigger issue though: what is true? Isn’t that what you are and how you live? It’s reality vs truth, then, two totally different things. What’s true doesn’t always translate into reality. With truth being a relative concept, it is something that may never translate into reality.

All that aside, if I’m going to distract myself, at least it should be doing something constructive.

The truth keeps staring at me and I don’t wanna look it in the eye…