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Do people have no sense?

I understand that New York City has become a relatively safe place. However, there are some things that people still should not do on the trains, some of which is common sense. Some are safety issues, others are just common courtesy.

1. Breaking out your laptop
Seriously, do we really need to see what presentation you are working on? Or what game you’re playing? People are not slow; that Mac you’re rocking costs at least $1600. Its just asking to be robbed.

2. Doing your makeup on the train
Listen, this was such a concern in Japan that Tokyo Metro put out an ad about it. Should we all be subjected to your daily ritual? No. Perhaps you should wait until you get to work and do that. The train is not the place to fix your ugly.

3. Listening to your music loud.. And I mean LOUD.
So you’re listening to Shakira, eh? Can you swing your hips like her? I guess you can. Dude, I shouldn’t be able to song along to your song with you and you’re halfway across the car.

4. Flying off the handle when the trains are crowded
Its rush got, so of course its crowded! If someone bumps into you by accident, its an accident! Don’t get all loud and brolic about it. It’s not only unnecessary, it’s just not a good look.

Those are my immediate ones from my train ride to work today. What are some of your pet peeves with public transportation? Sound off!

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