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Giving Up Cable TV

It’ll be about 2 months since I handed in my cable box and gave up cable TV. I have to say its been a wonderful thing! Aside from watching Netflix (which is awesome by the way), I actually have been reading more and not watching nearly as much TV as I used to. The inherent problem with cable is that there’s just way too many choices, so you end up watching crap that you wouldn’t normally waste your time with. I used to watch a lot of educational shows, your Discovery and History channel types. Now, when I am watching shows via Netflix, I’m watching the more unusual things: social documentaries and foreign movies.

Besides, there’s more to life than just watching TV and vegging out. That CAN be nice from time to time — especially on rainy days — but its been nice to actually be out and about, living life. There’s a lot of articles lately talking about this very situation. Cable TV is overpriced and in tight times like this, it doesn’t seem sensible to waste $80 a month to watch TV. Are you thinking of quitting cable? What are your reasons?