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Breakfast in St. Lucia!

I’m here in Saint Lucia, traveling with my friends Jan and Mike. At this point, we have been here for 2 full days, so lemme do the cliff notes version of what’s happened so far:

My cousin Trevor came to pick us up and drove us from Hewanorra Airport up to Castries, the capital, which is about an hour windy drive up and down. These guys have some awesome driving skills – I wouldn’t mess with them! We got to my uncle’s apartments in Castries – a cute place called Sweet Shave, and we relaxed the first night after getting standard provisions and drinks from the local Super J supermarket. I got to speak with my cousins about the family and so on, but that’s for another post because I have a lot to say on that end. Danette, my other cousin, and I spoke about that very subject at length.

We stayed the night but two major things became evident: 1) the apartment was hot at night and the mosquitoes really liked us, and 2) Castries doesn’t have a lot going on really. It’s a port city, so you only really see a lot of action when the cruise boats are in, and one had left relatively recently. So I decided that we should move more to the north where the resorts and beaches were. So, that’s what we did. After walking around Castries yesterday and eating some nice local food, we headed back to pack and move out stuff to Coco Palm in Rodney Bay (we can thank Jackie, Trevor’s wife, for that!) Quick segway: so we had to take the “bus” to back to the apartments. It’s one of those minibuses, with people packing in tight. What a mess that was, but we finally figured out it was two different routes back, not just one.

Last night, we met up with the family again – got to see Margaret-Ann – and ate some wonderful seafood done on the grill. Grilled conch and flying fish, with this amazing onion topping…. good Lord, I nearly died, it was so good. Top it off with rum punch and calypso, and you have some good times.

Just so, you know I only sleep a certain number of hours, so I woke up around 8:30 this morning. I was so hungry! I got their breakfast special, the “St Lucian” breakfast. If I ate like this every day, I would be slim and nice!

Truth be told, I’m just happy to be here. It’s good to see family and relax. That’s the extent of my needs at this moment. So, now to the beach I guess!