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To Do’s On Your Day Off

^_^ So I’ve got a day off today! Hooray! What do I do with myself?

Well, originally I was going to go down and see my mom, but apparently she’s working today. So nix that. BUT, there’s a few things to do:

1) Hit the gym: Probably a good idea since I haven’t been to the gym since before my eye surgery. And my trip is coming up pretty daggone soon, so since bikinis don’t fill themselves… well, you understand.

2) Pick up my mail: Tell me why I haven’t been to my PO Box in 5 weeks? *_* Yeah…

3) Go for a walk: That just sounds like a good idea, especially on a rainy day…

4) Go shopping: My only problem with this is that there’s no sales going on right now. You KNOW how I feel about shopping if there’s no sale going on… :-/ Gotta stretch that $$ baby! I’m thinking checking out 125th Street and seeing what’s what.

5) Do some work: Not ‘work’ work; I leave that in the office. But my CC stuff ( or some writing related things. Been meaning to reroute my writing stuff to Mika Matsumoto (my nom de plume) direct to the domain (which I own). That might not be a bad idea… but that requires a mini-site redesign. I know what I wanna do anyway.

I think that’s plenty. There are only 24 hrs in day, and the day should be enjoyed… in the moment and having a good time. 😉 So, happy Monday!

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