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Making A Difference

I’ve been talking with someone recently about how he makes a difference in this world. This has me thinking in a more expansive perspective. What do we really think we are here to do and be? I’d like to entertain the thought that we are here to make a difference for others. This world, so bastardized by self-serving interests, fails to realize that there is something bigger than oneself to accomplish. It isn’t just one thing: it could be helping a friend, donating to a cause, volunteering… anything like that. Being positive in a world of overwhelming negativity… that is the point. It’s entirely too easy to delve into those focused self-interests. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t care about yourself, nor sacrifice yourself. This isn’t martyrdom and no one is asking for that. But, where lies the balance? That was the question I posed, and it is something that makes me wonder. As much as I would like to do for others, I also have to remember to take care of myself and make sure my needs are met, that I am — in essence — happy too. I’d like to have a taste of happiness in my life; I’m happy I’m alive, that I have wonderful friends to share my life with, that I have the capabilities and opportunities to do things that some others don’t necessarily have. How far does that go? How in-depth does one take the sentiment? In my mind, I keep coming back to just my inherent need to make people happy. Is that so bad? Is just wanting to be unadorned and natural a problem? The somewhat warped standard that people place before me don’t really hold any appeal. I just want to be me, that’s all. Someone that has a big heart, listens always and just wants people to be happy in whatever capacity that is. This kind of perspective makes it hard to be in a relationship though, for all the obvious reasons. I have my moments when my heart is hard, but mostly, it melts with the right kind of influence, the right kind of vibe and person. I don’t understand it sometimes, but in a way, I wish I did. What does it all mean?

This is heavily introspective, but quite valid. Think to yourself the last time you did something for another person. Was it from a genuine and non-self centric place, or was it to make yourself feel better about them or the situation? I ask myself these questions, and if its not genuine, to encourage a shift in my perspective. No one ever said living this life was easy, but if we all lived a life of service, it would an interesting place to come from, and an equally interesting place to live.