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A Lil Something Sexy….

I’m a little under the weather right now, but as I left work today, all I could think about was writing something a little sexy. I wasn’t thinking about a full blown story or poetry even… just a little something. Sexy is a funny thing to talk about, you know? Aside for being sexy for someone else, it’s pretty important to want to be sexy for yourself. I’m coming to the realization that it’s an absolute necessity for women to enjoy that part of themselves, to bask in your own personal sexiness. It’s freeing, empowering, feminine… it’s all YOU. We spend so much time taking care of others, doing things for others, being with others, that it’s easy to put that to the side and say “I’ll get to it.”

Sexy ain’t gonna wait for you, so you better get on that right now.

Hence, my need to talk about it, but I’m not feeling a fictional context of this ‘sexy’ discussion. Let’s talk about real stuff – at least for right now ;). I think it all starts with attitude — you have to know you are sexy up here (*points to brain*) and in here (*points to heart*). Does this constitute arrogance? Nah, I don’t think so, but that’s the classic “confidence vs arrogance” discussion, which I’m not touching right now. -_- I like knowing I’m sexy without having someone else validate that point. For me, my Chapter 9 is all about that: ME, and sexy is a big part of that realization. (I’m really gonna have to write about what all these Chapters I refer to are one of these days.)

So what’s the deal? I say, clean up your mental and emotional house; muddled and confused just doesn’t work. Then, prepare yourself mentally for it by encouraging yourself on a daily (and if necessary, hourly) basis just how valuable and hot you are. Really, don’t underestimate the need for this task; I know I had an aversion to the mirror for YEARS and it’s only in the last few months have I been able to stomach the thing. Next, understand the difference between confidence and arrogance (damn! I said I wouldn’t mention it again!). Fine line that it is, this is something you have to learn rather than be told, I think. All the explanations in the world wouldn’t really be sufficient to distinguish it on the day-to-day. After that, work the look. For me, this is work in progress because, a) money doesn’t grow on trees, b) there’s a definite learned skill when it comes to things like makeup and fashion, and c) it takes time to find your own style. It’s like learning to write; each person ends up cultivating a style all their own over time and it ends up being their signature. Same with other creative passions like photography or singing.

Anyway, that’s my brain fart of the moment on this matter. I think I do want to write a little something fictional, really short. Maybe I’ll post it on my blog directly…