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Thoughts On Valentine’s Day

I’ve been thinking a bit about Valentine’s Day, and I realize that I basically feel the same way I’ve felt for years. For those in romantic relationships, if you haven’t been loving the person you’re with all year long, one day out of the year really won’t make much difference. I wish some people would get that!

Being that I’m single this year, for lots of singles it can be a bit of a trial (myself included!). You can be out in the street and see couples of all sorts being lovey dovey and such; it can eat at you a bit. Still, I think that singles should shift the focus from the need to being with someone to using that energy on loving yourself and those around you.

I’m a big fan of the “I HEART ME” movement. If you don’t love yourself, how can you possibly love others? It reminds me of that m-flo song “Love or Truth” — “I gotta love myself before I love others…” I am spending my time loving myself, developing myself, taking care of myself. I am spending my time loving my mother and my friends. Tomorrow for instance, I’m taking some friends and my mom out for a nice lunch on City Island to engage with some seafood.

(Pardon all my British sounding phrases — been watching LOTS of Doctor Who and Torchwood lately!)

Anyway, that’s the thing. It is wonderful to be in love and TO love. And in the same token, it’s alright if it isn’t there. There’s so much that each individual person can contribute to each other and to the world. I would say in Japanese that “ai is ai” and “koi is koi”… “suki is suki”. No matter what, love is love, no matter what form it takes and who the recipient is.

Valentine’s Day is all backward. It shouldn’t be JUST for romantic relationships. It should be a celebration of love for all relationships: friends, romantic, family. I love the friends in my life and I love my mom. And I love the opportunities that are ahead of me which, because I love me, arise.

And yes, call it self-centered if you wish, but I DO love me. 😉