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The Great Hair Debacle

I’ve been sporting the short natural look for a long time now, but I’ve wanted to make a change. Since my plans eventually include me moving to Japan, I thought it would make sense for me to start learning how to apply relaxers to my own hair… to do it myself. It is kinda tough to find someone that can work with black hair over there… Of course, I’m not messing with any lye-based products, so I’d been using no-lye relaxers and texturizers. The last 2 times I did it just to see how it worked out, and I did just fine. I missed a couple of spots and had some tufts of not quite soft enough hair, but I could live with it. It was only an experiment; if I didn’t like it, I’d just wait a week or two and shave it off — no fuss, no muss. However, yesterdays go at my hair didn’t come out quite so well.

I bought a no-lye relaxer with extra natural extracts like aloe and shea, and followed the instructions verbatim. I did have more hair this time around, so I don’t know if that was a factor in the end result. When I washed it out and neutralized everything, things did not come out quite right. At first, most of my hair appeared straight. Then I reached for the back of my head and there were these two tufts of incomplete hair sticking out, still looking kinda kinky. Mind you, I checked every inch of my hair to make sure it was covered, so these little rogue hair poofs made absolutely no sense. Granted, I’m not the best one to describe these hair sort of things much less fixing them. Since I had to go out last night, I had to do quick damage control since the hair didn’t want to stay flat, so I picked up some gel at CVS. While that was a band-aid on an otherwise huge wound (one I didn’t even know about), it sufficed and managed to look okay.

(As a side note: I look cute with straight hair. I want the bang look that I had last night. ^_^ Very Asian, as someone told me last night.)

The problem is this morning: I woke up to feel a section of my head scabbed over. It had burned and even when I neutralized it, I hadn’t felt it. You usually feel it when the skin is exposed, but I don’t know why I didn’t this time around. On top of it all, when I went to wash out the gel from my hair, my whole head exploded and felt like it was on FIRE. When I say fire, dear God, I mean blazing, third level of hell inferno racing across my scalp.

So I’m sitting here trying to figure out what to do (while I stave off a massive headache). I have no choice but to let it grow out over the next few weeks and then shave it off. The burned portion of my head has to heal and that’s going to take about 2 weeks. It’s not gonna look nice, but I just can’t… But in the meantime, what in the world am I gonna do with my head? I don’t have the foggiest idea.

Remind me never to putz around with chemicals ever again? Really? Please, somebody? *shakes head*