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Thank God for Japanese Bathrooms!

I was on Twitter and came across an interesting blog post here:

It got me to thinking: they REALLY need something like that here in the US! How awesome is it to have a real soaking bath, where you can sit neck deep without worrying about the water getting all over the floor? After all, it IS waterproof! Certainly, if I had my own house, it would be decked out Japanese-style. Give me the Toto toilet in a separate room. Give me a changing room where I can stash my washer/dryer combo and do the little face washing bit. And absolutely give me an all-in-one solution for my bathing needs.

To this day, I’m surprised that people don’t understand how to approach Japanese bathing style. Anyone that has watched anime or read a book about Japan should know this. But think about how incredibly nasty it is to “relax” in a tub and you’re still dirty. That’s disgusting.

So yeah, why aren’t there Japanese companies willing to do these kind of installs? Do they understand how much money they could make? There is a definite market for it, I’d say. With a little bit of press, they could potentially transform people’s experience of the bath. Honestly, I’ve talked about the Toto auto-toilet for going on 10 years now. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a hole in the wall Japanese import place that would do it out in Edgewater, NJ…

See what y’all started? *_*

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  1. The whole separation of functions you perform in the bathroom are really important. It makes a lot more sense when there are seven of you using the same water. When we get to building our own place Japanese bathroom is a must.

    The Toto washlets are becoming a fashion statement for stars like Will Smith. There certainly has to be a market for it.

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